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     I am interested in flesh as a membrane; the site of negotiation between our inner and external worlds. Through exercise, diet, sexual activity, and clothing, we are constantly brokering deals between various desires that are expressed on our skin. I make work that displays these negotiations. This can include making a sculpture that appears to swell from internal pressure, or from a surface that merges two seemingly opposed connotations (i.e. insectile and beauty queen makeup).

     Holes intrigue me because they are punctures in membranes. They expose the frightening fragility of surfaces while also offering proof of the possibility of change. I am attracted to the vessel for its content regarding the womb and secrets, but also as a form in transition: just after one thing and now becoming another. Holes also make us curious to peer into and afraid of what might be looking back out. My work displays the possibilities of change and ambiguity while holding the freedom and terror of them simultaneously.


2021                   - MFA in Studio Art

                              University of South Florida

                              Tampa, FL

2014                   - BFA in Sculpture, Cum Laude
                              Boston University
                              Boston, MA

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2020    Plastic Scourgery, with Matthew Campbell,

                 Centre Gallery, Tampa, FL

2017    Creature Comforts, with Amelia Young,

                 Lens Gallery, Boston, MA

2016    The Feelers, Gallery 3 at Hillsborough Community                   College, Tampa, FL

2014    The Brood, Gallery 5 at Boston University,

                  Boston, MA

2013    Sign, Boston University Hillel House, Boston, MA

Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 - present
2010 - present

2021     Out to Pasture, 2021 MFA Thesis Exhibition, 
                 USF Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa, FL
2020    Tight as Leather, Parallelogram Gallery,

                 Tampa, FL

            Birth in Reverse, Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery,                             Tampa, FL

2019    Creative Pinellas 2019 Arts Annual, The Gallery

                 at Creative Pinellas, Largo, FL

            Fall Juried Exhibition, Centre Gallery, Tampa, FL

            Ritual / Natural / Virtual, Carolyn Wilson                               Gallery, Tampa, FL

            Fang Bang 3, Parallelogram Gallery, Tampa, FL

            RULERS, Coco Hunday, Tampa, FL

            Body Without Organs, Carolyn Wilson Gallery,                         Tampa, FL

            America’s Majestic Street Cats, Quaid Gallery,                         Tampa, FL

            Discount Crickets, Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery,                           Tampa FL

2018    Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Exhibition,

                 The Gallery at Creative Pinellas, Largo, FL

2016    Artists-in-Residence 2016 Exhibition, Gallery 263,                   Cambridge, MA

            The Uncanny Home of Our Imagination, Nave                         Gallery Annex, Somerville, MA

            Small Show, Godine Gallery at MassArt,

                 Boston, MA

            All Fired Up, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA

2015    Art 100 Boston, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA

                 MergeArts Boston, Boston, MA

            Carnage, exhibition at Sky Castle, Boston, MA

2014    Boston University BFA Thesis Exhibition,

                 808 Gallery, Boston, MA

2013    Boston University Student Work Exhibition,

                 808 Gallery, Boston, MA

2012    Day by Day, Gallery 5, Boston University,

                 Boston, MA

Awards and Residencies

2021    Artist-in-Residence at STARworks Ceramics,
                 Star, NC

            Professional Development for Artists Grant, Arts
                 Council of Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL

2018    Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant

2017    Artist-in-Residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts,

                 New Smyrna, FL

2016    Artist-in-Residence at Vermont Studio Center,

                 Johnson, VT

            Artist-in-Residence at Gallery 263,

                 Cambridge, MA

2014    Mariana Pineda Award for Sculpture

2013    The Boston University Dean’s Scholarship

2013    The Goldenberg Award for Sculpture

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